Thursday, June 19, 2014

Leverage Your Small Home Based Business

Business Promotion | It is good to be an entrepreneur at young age as your business is very good, not only for you but for all those who know how good a small a business is. And for those who do not understand its value, never care about them.  After, you have put in all the efforts to start your business and those sleepless nights where you were constantly working on the strategies that you had set for your business, comes the time when you are on a secure position. It has been a long way full of risks. Now, when you have walked up all these steps, the only thing required is to take the steps that take the business rise.

The fact is that it is not as simple as it is in writing or saying. When one plans to take the business t any height he/she has to make a lot of compromises. This is the point in business which requires you to undertake more risks. This is much more a bigger responsibility as now you would be taking more risks. At this time another thing of concern is that there would be lack of assurance, and this would, at times pull you back on taking the further steps. | Business Promotion

business promotion

One of the ways to expand your small business which you started as a young entrepreneur is to publicize it in words. It may be very much true that the product being offered by you is of the best quality but it is of no use making it if the customers are only from those who reside in your own area.  It is quite possible that you may get a high price for the same product. But you do not make the efforts to tell people about it, there is absolutely no use in dreaming about seeing your business on a higher level.

One most put in all the efforts to promote the business and himself too. There are a few young business men who start to spread words about their products or services far before it is are launched. On th other hand there are those who first determine the worth of their product and then spread word about it. One is free to decide what he/she wants to do.

There are two ways that young entrepreneurs can adopt to bring their business I the eyes on all. One is using the public relation for spreading the word about it and other is by paying for the advertisements.

If you choose for the paid advertisements then you will have to bargain and discuss with the agency that you hire for the task and also for the places and means where all you want your product to be advertised. Some of the common mediums of advertisements are internet, television, music stations, newspapers and magazines. In case of the other option, that is public relations you are required to find a person who can write a story for your product and the important thing that it has to be convincing. You too need to have that aptitude. The story has to be interesting and you have to be strong. 

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Keluarga Harmonis Menurut Agama Islam

Solusi Keluarga Harmonis | Semua orang ingin bahagia di dunia ini. Namun belum lengkap bila kebahagian itu hanya untuk diri sendiri. kebahagiaan harus kita bagi bersama keluarga kita. Semua orang ingin menikah. Namun pernikahan bukan lah hal yang mudah dalam menjalankannya. Pada awalnya memang semua orang menginginkan keluarga yang sakinah. Namun apabila sudah ditengah jalan pernikahan anda, kadang memang ditimpa oleh perkara-perkara yang bisa membuat keluarga anda menjadi tidak harmonis. Sebenarnya cara menangkalnya mudah, tinggal kita beribadah setiap hari dan memohon ampunan kepada Allah SWT. kemudian solusi keluarga harmonis yang paling penting adalah membuat istri dan anak anda senyaman betul di dalam rumah.

Ada beberapa tips rahasia pasutri yang bisa membantu anda dalam mencari solusi keluarga harmonis. Dan tentunya cara-cara agar membantu anda mempertahankan keharmonisan secara islamiah. Karena dengan cara islam kita bisa menguatkan iman kita beserta istri dan anak-anak kita agar selalu dilindungi oleh Allah SWT.

Yang pertama adalah penyatuan paham. Maksud di sini adalah bagaimana anda bisa menyatukan pola pikir anda dan istri anda yang sudah pasti berbeda. Menurut islam,dengan mengucapkan ijab qobul, pada saat itu juga sesungguhnya terjadi pertemuan dua pemikiran, pertemuan dua tujuan hidup dan perkawinan dua pribadi dengan tingkat keimanan masing-masing. Sehingga kita perlu menjelaskan pola pikir kita kepada istri agar terciptanya solusi keluarga harmonis.

Yang kedua adalah menata diri. Dalam hal menata diri Allah SWT. mengisyaratkan untuk mempererat ketaqwaan dalam kehidupan. Selalu dan selalu memohon bantuan kepada Allah SWT. akan memberikan anda jalan menuju kebenaran. Dan rendahnya iman anda tentunya akan membawa anda kepada jalan buntu. Sehingga tidak terciptanya keharmonisan rumah tangga.

Ketiga adalah mengharapkan rahmat dari Allah SWT. ini adalah cara terakhir anda apabila sendang dalam kondisi terkena bencana rumah tangga dan tidak bisa menemukan solusi keluarga harmonis . namun sebagai manusia kita memang memerlukan kasih sayang dari Allah SWT agar tetap diberikan jalan yang benar dan selalu diberikan rahmat dan hidayahnya kepada keluargaa-keluarga soleh.

Semoga kita selalu dilimpahkan karunia dan diberikan kekuatan untuk menghadapi cobaan-cobaan yang diberikan-Nya. Dan selalu diberikan solusi keluarga harmonis.